Despite the fact that this year 2020 has been a very complicated year for everyone, the world of luxury and high-end watches has not stopped and throughout the year there have been many new features.

Although in many cases these novelties have been made to wait, in the case of Rolex, for example, delaying the launch of its novelties until September, due, among other things, to the cancellation of the Baseworld fair due to Covid 19, practically throughout the year. all the most important brands have presented news this year.

The list of news for 2020 is long, so we have made a small selection of the most outstanding news for us.

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

Omega Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 50th Anniversary

Introduced on October 5, this is a special edition Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, commemorating the award Omega received in 1970 for its support of the Apollo 11 lunar expedition. That year 1970 Omega was awarded the Silver Snoopy award. Omega prepared a beautiful special edition, in white and blue colors, with very special details and with a lot of history from that expedition. At Watchesnorte we wrote a special article about this watch that you can read here

41mm Rolex Submariner

On September 1, Rolex presented its novelties for 2020. This is not the first Rolex Submariner with a 41mm case, but in recent decades all Submariners were 40mm, therefore, this new Submariner was something very special, as we saw in the second-hand watch market, with some pieces almost doubling in value from the start. This Submariner also equips the new caliber 3230 which extends its power reserve to 70 hours. It was not the only novelty from Rolex, but it was the one that most caught our attention. You can read more in this article that we wrote about the Roles news for 2020.

Hamilton – Tenet

Hamilton Khaki Navy Tenet Special Edition

This special edition of the Hamilton Khaki Navy watch was presented in June. A limited edition of 888 pieces, matching the movie. One of the few great super productions that hit our theaters this year, by the hand of director Christopher Nolan. As fans of this great director, we could not leave this watch off the list. And besides, this special edition is beautiful and has a special packaging specifically designed by the designer of the film.

Tudor Black Bay 58 ‘Navy Blue’

In July Rolex made a declaration of intent presenting a new model for its Tudor watch brand. Until then it seemed that there would be no news from Rolex this year 2020.

This Black Bay 58 ‘Navy blue’ introduces blue dial and bezel, and blue NATO mail. This watch is a clear homage to the ‘Blue Snowflake’ Tudors of the 70s. Watches specially developed for the French Navy as a work watch.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007A-001

Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007A-001

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Patek Philippe’s first release this year 2020 was this limited edition of the famous Calatrava. A special edition of just 1,000 units to commemorate the completion of its new production building located in Pan-les-Ouates.

The new Calatrava 6007A-001 stands out for its 40mm case and its wider polished steel bezel. A rare material in the Patek Philippe collections. A blue-gray dial with a central motif, sapphire crystal and white gold hands.

Here you can read an article that we wrote with the first novelties of the year from Patek Philippe.

It is nothing more than a small selection of novelties for this year 2020. Is there a watch that you miss? Tell us, what would be your selection?

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The cold arrives, Christmas arrives, and with them, this year 2020 comes to an end. For most, great news, since this year 2020 has been a year, to say the least, ‘special’. Every year there are great events, but also great catastrophes. But never before has there been a single event that conditioned so many people for so long. Not at least since we have such a globalized and interconnected world.

Covid 19 has disrupted the plans we had for this year. It has caused us to cancel vacations, close businesses, and many, too many, lose loved ones. It has changed our priorities, our needs and our consumption habits. The impossibility of physically interacting has meant that many business models have suffered greatly, even having to close. Others have reinvented themselves and have discovered that in the world we live in, we no longer have the fear of yesteryear to buy online. The world of luxury watches and high-end watches has not been an exception and has suffered to a greater or lesser extent the peculiarities of this year 2020.

The closure of the factories caused demand to exceed supply, and consequently the prices of second-hand watches, especially some specific models, skyrocketed.

Without having global sales data for each of the manufacturers, watchmakers, specialized points of sale and online stores, we cannot talk about which watches have been the most sold or most requested. But if we can talk about our experience, what are the trends in luxury watches in this year 2020.

Throughout the year we have sold all kinds of makes and models. To mention a few: Audemars Piguet Offshore and Royal OAK, Breitling Navitimer, IWC Portuguese, Panerai Luminor, Patek Philippe Nautilus and Calatrava, and a long etc.

But, above all, from Watchesnorte we have sold the following 5 models of luxury watches.

Rolex Submariner Hulk

Rolex Submariner Hulk

1.- Rolex Submariner Date

The most requested model and the most sold in this year 2020, without any doubt. The Date version of the Rolex Submariner, far above the No Date. In steel, ahead of any other material. Lots of ‘Hulk’ 116610LVs, from which the lawsuit has been triggered since Rolex’s September announcement to discontinue the model. There is also a lot of demand for the 126610LN, the new 41mm Submariner Date. And as always, the ‘vintage’ models, which do not seem to go out of style.

2.- Rolex GMT Master II

The Submariner Date is followed in sales and requests by another Rolex model, the GMT Master II. To a greater extent the ‘Pepsi’ models, but we have also sold quite a few 116710BLNR ‘Batman’ models. Some ‘Coke’ and even a ‘Tiger Eye’. As with the Submariner Date, our customers’ preference for these models is a steel finish.

3.- Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Third, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. Curiously, more models with plexiglass glass than sapphire. It is a watch that does not go out of style and this year has received a special version for the 50th anniversary of the Snoopy award that the watch received for its role in the mission of Apollo 11.

4.- Omega Seamaster

Fourth, and with a technical tie with the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, we have the Omega Seamaster. Different versions of this Seamaster, both Diver 300m 007, Regatta and special editions of James Bond. Since the famous agent 007 saw one in his movies, at least in WatchesNorte the Omega Seamaster is usually one of the most requested models.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 'Navy Blue'

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight ‘Navy Blue’

5.- Tudor Black Bay 58

Finally, in the top 5 of the best-selling and / or requested models, we have the Tudor Black Bay 58. Both models with a NATO strap and with a steel bracelet. It is a watch that most people request us, that is not a Rolex or an Omega. Interestingly, almost all of our sales for this Tudor BB 58 are to clients in Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Finland or Norway.

This is our top, the year’s trends in luxury watches from our experience in sales and requests this year. This does not mean that these brands and models are the best sellers globally or the best watches.

Tell us, what are the most interesting top watches for you in this year 2020?

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Most people, when we talk about luxury watches or high-end watches, automatically think of Rolex, Omega or Patek Philippe. But there are many good watch brands that are unknown to the vast majority. Brands that manufacture watches of tremendous quality, and that, if they had the reputation of others, their models would be highly demanded and valued.

For this reason, from WatchesNorte we are going to bring you a series of articles talking about these watch brands, from the best known to the least known.

Today we are going to talk about … TUDOR


In 1926, the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, registered the Tudorbrand for the first time. It was not until 1946 when he founded the Montres Tudor S.A company, based in Geneva. Hans Wilsdorf’s goal was to create a brand that could offer the quality and prestige achieved with Rolex, but at a lower price. Wilsdorf chooses the name as a tribute to the Tudor dynasty of England.

The Tudor house ruled the kingdom of England from 1485 to 1603. Its emblem is a rose that combined the red rose of the Lancasters with the white of the York, both ancestors of Henry VII, the first king of the Tudor dynasty. This rose will be used by Montres Tudor S.A. in different watch models throughout its history. At first as a logo, inside a shield. Subsequently, the shield remains as the logo to this day, and the House Tudor rose is reserved for the crown of Tudor watches.


Originally Tudor watches used standard movements, but Rolex quality cases and bracelets. In this way they managed to offer the reliability and confidence of Rolex, but at a lower price.

In the 1940s, they incorporated Rolex’s Oyster waterproof case into their watches.

In 1952 they launched their first automatic model, the ‘Prince’, which used a Rolex self-winding mechanism. That same year, 26 Tudor ‘Princes’ watches were worn on the British expedition to Greenland.

Thanks to the Oyster case and the Rolex automatic winding, Tudor took a step forward and began producing watches as a work watch.

The French Navy itself participated in the field investigation of a Tudor diver’s watch. The Oyster Prince Submariner was launched in 1954 and was water resistant to 100 meters. It would go up to 200 meters in the 1958 model.

From the 1960s to the mid-1980s, watches were supplied to the French Navy in bulk, without bracelets, so all were worn on military-made straps.

In 1964, Tudor also began producing an Oyster Prince Submariner specifically for the United States Navy.

In just a couple of decades, Rolex’s sister brand had established itself on the market as a watch of high quality and reliability.

In 1970 they launched the Oysterdate, their first chronograph.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 'Navy Blue'

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight ‘Navy Blue’

Tudor today

In 2009 Tudor reinvented itself and began to relaunch the brand with new watch collections, under the motto “Designed for performance. Designed for elegance”.

  • 2010 – They launch the Heritage Chrono, inspired by the “Monte Carlo” of the 70s.
  • 2011 – Heritage Advisor, Fastrider chronograph and Clair de Rose collection for women launched
  • 2012 – The Heritage Black Bay, a reinterpretation of the first Tudor Submariner models, and the Pelagos diver’s watch, with a titanium case, launched for the first time in the Rolex Group. In addition, it is water resistant to a depth of 500 meters.
  • 2014 – Lanzan el Ranger, un reloj de estilo militar similar a un modelo de 1967.
  • 2015 – The North Flag is launched, in homage to the British expedition to North Greenland in 1952, which was a watershed moment in Tudor history. This watch was the first to equip an internal movement, the caliber MT5621. Over the next 2 years Tudor would equip all its watches with self-made movements.
  • 2018 – Launches the Heritage Black Bay GMT. First Black Bay to have GMT function. This Black Bay GMT has a blue and red bezel, in the style of the Rolex GMT Master ‘Pepsi’.

Here you can find some Tudorwatches for sale.

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